Sakasa Jin'ei (sporadic_sak) wrote in roleplay_please,
Sakasa Jin'ei

New Community; ALL FANDOM livejournal RPG


This is based on the GetBacker's ANIME, storyline separate from the anime and manga series.

Meet the characters from the original anime, as they come together to form an alliance in order to take back their lives from "The Gods of the Limitless Fortress". As their lives intertwine accordingly, they come across something new in the Limitless Fortress besides virtual reality, which has allot of people questioning his or her existence. It's called cross dimensional experimentation - meeting brand new characters from different places and times. But, these poor individuals are plagued with memory loss, they don't remember anything beyond the moment they took their first step out into the world known as Lower Town. Now, everyone must team up to find away to release themselves from the people that look down upon them from Babylon City and find their way back home... if they can recollect their past and break the spell that has been placed upon them all.

Apply on-line today!
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