Sakasa Jin'ei (sporadic_sak) wrote in roleplay_please,
Sakasa Jin'ei


Our beloved community is in need of YOUR help in order to sustain it's life span. Right now, it is currently under new management, due to these changes, the community is working towards becoming new and improved! However, this has proved to be rather difficult due to the lack of players involved.

We are advertising for NEW PLAYERS!


Second Chance is an ALL FANDOM Livejournal Role-play. Yes, that's right, ALL FANDOM, anything goes!

Right now, the community is over run by anime for those of you who are anime lovers and fans of the genre, I suggest you take a look at this community! There are a lot of anime's out there, yes, naturally it will take a lot of time for you to decide on a character you want, but there is one tiny catch when it comes to SECOND CHANCE.

Here's the deal:

Your character doesn't remember a thing about their life prior to being 'taken' from one dimension to the next and placed on the island. They search for clues about their past. Why they we here... it's a question that plagues us all, even in reality. What is our existence? You don't know this until you take part and find out the truth not only for your character's sake, but for your own.

Characters from video games, anime, cartoons, real life movies, hit tv series come together on this tiny island in search for the truth! Mix and match characters, makes friends, does your character have a sexual preference? No problem! These are only a few quirks of the deal.

If you want to know MORE, please feel free in taking part, make sure to fill out the applications. Don't forget you won't only benefit from this, but it will keep our little community together as well. You will be doing us a favor and we will hold you in the highest regard!

We are a tightly knit family for those that are left! And we promise that YOU WONT BE EXCLUDED FROM PLAY EVER! Once you sign up, you become part of our family! So, don't miss out! SIGN UP TODAY! LIKE RIGHT NOW!

Give this community... a Second Chance!
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