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Role-play PLZ.

fo' sho'.

For the Role-players Who Want Some.
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Welcome to Role-Play Please, where role-players can post what they're looking for. People who own communities can advertise, but they MUST post their information once every two weeks -- don't worry, it'll be saved in our memories for safe keeping! You can post characters, too. So, all you people who role-play through AIM or MSN or wherever can keep in touch. If you're a member, here are the forms you must fill out for your character:

Name/Alias Either.
Gender So others won't confuse you for the other sex.
Contact Info AIM, E-mail, things like that.
Role-play Style But, go on about your style. This is about you. [IMPORTANT If you do a special little way to show the beginning and end of a post, please say so, because some don't know. If not, don't list any. So if you do 'something like this,' say so.]
What You're Looking For Simply said. From Gore to Hentai, anything is welcome.

CHARACTER (Only post one you're specifically looking to play. If you've made your opening post already, don't be afraid to add another character later on. I'll add on to that later.)
Name Obvious.
Age Still obvious. Oh, put their actual age and then what they appear. Thank you.
Appearance Include hair and eye color, and their height and weight. You can include their usual attire to body art. Anything that deals with how they look.
Personality Tell us about them. Don't be scared. :3 The looks and personality are a huge part to the role-play (in my opinion, along with their past since that plays with their look/personality). Do they usually carry a dark look but are actually little balls of happy goo nastiness underneath? Go ahead.
Background Your character's past. It can be brief, but, don't make it too short. A paragraph or two is fine. Make sure you add why your character is psychotic or has a weak heart or whatever, here. It's important.
Special Abilities If any. That's like, telepathy or freezing things. Whatever.
1. Likes ; 2. Dislikes. What they like and dislike. There's a minium of four things and a maximum of seven. You don't want to spoil it for the person you're role-playing with, do you? Let them find out what else they like and dislike. By the way, repeating the same word doesn't count, they have to be several different things. Also, no "He/She likes dogs, turtles, and birds." Just say they like animals.
Misc. Info Jobs or anything? A gerbil? Favorite wrist watch. Whatever. Here.

ROLE-PLAY GROUP/COMMUNITY POSTERS! Please place all your group's info in ONE block so it will not be placed about at random. THANKS. You can tell about your group/community however you like.

For future character or group/community posts, just place your name/alias and contact info at the top. Then place your post.